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Frinks are a fully functioning currency, and like any currency, collectors item, or store of value, they may increase or decrease in value. We all hope Frinks increase in value, but make no promises of future profit.

The Ultimate Currency
Every person in the world can easily and freely earn over ₣1000
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ICO Coming Soon
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Frink: Friend Link

Frink pays users ₣1000 to link to friends and more for referrals, then analyzes those links to create highly accurate, private, decentralized IDs.

Proof of Person Mining is designed to allow everyone to mine Frinks with equal mining power creating maximum decentralization. Frinks are economically strong, energy efficient, have free transaction fees, have more stable prices, and are highly scalable.
User Friendly
Designed for High Performance, Security, Price Stability, Economic Strength, Decentralization, Privacy, and YOU!
Business Friendly
Frink has FREE transaction fees and is designed for free floating yet stable prices.
Economy Friendly
Savings accounts protect savers from inflation, while a small inflation on the currency helps the economy.

Frinks (₣) - The Ultimate Currency

Evenly Distributed
Frink Pays Everyone To Join
Everyone starts with an equal number of Frinks just waiting to be claimed. Money paid to miners will be evenly paid to the users who secure the decentralized network.
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Designed for Stable
Yet Free Floating Price
While we expect initial volatility, because Frinks can be valued independent of user count as well as a few other features, they should maintain more stable price.
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Inflation or No Inflation?
Both is better!
A little inflation helps the economy, but hurts savers. By perfectly blending inflation with no inflation, Frink behaves in a way that provides the positives of both, without the negatives.
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In the near future, everyone will mine with equal mining power using our energy efficient, highly scalable, decentralized miner. To throughly test our algorithms, we are starting centralized.
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Accurate, Private,
Decentralized IDs
Very Accurate, Trustless, Private IDs act like a 'Proof of Uniqueness'. They have a variety of other uses, as listed below. We are currently achieving ~99.9% accuracy in our tests.
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Designed for Business
FREE Transaction Fees
Free transaction fees lead to an average of a 33% higher profit margin for businesses. Frink users can soon easily find your business in a directory of businesses that accept Frinks.
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Gives Everyone a Chance
to Climb out of Poverty
Economic soundness is our first priority, but there are a lot of people in this world for whom starting off with their fair share of the Ultimate Currency would make a tremendous difference.
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Designed for
Mass Adoption
What better way to introduce people to a new currency or the decentralized cryptocurrency movement than to pay them to try it and talk to their friends about it?
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Markets Disrupted by Decentralized, Private, Accurate IDs

What are Private IDs? Private IDs allow a person to verify that they are a unique individual for a specific purpose, without sharing any more information than desired. This proof of uniqueness can apply to a specific company, project, or an entire industry.
Ultimate Currency Frink IDs solve many problems in the world of cryptocurrency. This includes a less volatile, more energy efficient currency which leads to free transaction fees, increased security, and helps us scale the currency by subdividing miners into socially connected communities.
ID Verification Verifying IDs is quite pricey at the moment, Frink can do this at a fraction of the cost, more accurately, and decentralized.
Bill My Frink Account Tired of bills in the mail? Users can directly bill their decentralized Frink ID, then have all their bills neatly organized and easily payable from their Frink wallet.
Investment Platforms Investment platforms are vulnerable to Pump and Dump schemes and other scams that could be spotted if people had to identify themselves.
Automatic Taxes By giving people the choice to automatically link all payments with their ID and allowing companies and charities to register with automated tax credits, taxes can be automated.
Decentralized Computing, Storage, and Internet By tieing an ID to people powering and participating in these decentralized networks, Frink increases the trust, performance, and accuracy of these platform as a whole.
Server and Computer Security Imagine modifying internet packets to require that they are signed by the sender’s Frink ID before they ever reach your computer and being able to permanently blacklist thieves and blackhat hackers. We can simultaneously encrypt every packet sent between any two computers. This is possible to do while maintaining high performance.
Spam Imagine being able to block not just an email address or phone number but the person or company sending those emails and making those phone calls or even sending letters.
Captcha and Single Sign on Solution By connecting to users with IDs that are unique to the company verifying the individuals, that company may rest easy knowing that their users are unique without needing to pry into their personal information.
Voting Systems Having a strong ID linked to a person helps online elections and public opinion polls be much more accurate.
Reputation Systems Decentralized marketplaces in particular are ripe for scams, by having a way to tie reputation to a seller while allowing the seller to remain anonymous, we provide buyers a better experience.
And more… In fact, any online interaction or transaction that requires trust can be improved by Frink, we hope to work with many of the already existing decentralized projects already working on similar systems to encourage usage of Frink IDs.
We welcome and will pay for help creating any of these platforms based off of Frink IDs or integrating them into existing platforms!

We hope to raise enough in our ICO to allow all of these to be worked on in parallel.
ICO is coming soon
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Frink's Mission

Frink’s mission is to provide a secure, fast, scalable, stable, decentralized, and customer friendly digital currency and digital IDs. A currency that helps people thrive within an economic framework that works with fundamental human nature to grow the Frink economy.

Frink believes everyone in the world deserves an equal chance, not an equal result. We give people easy ways to earn Frinks to jumpstart this new economy. We also love giving those willing to help themselves a little help climbing out of poverty and succeeding simply by starting them off with their fair share.

Core Team

Matthew Czarnek
Iban Eguia
Information Security Engineer
John Park
Darrell Duane
Decentralized Identity Consultant
Sandeep Parira
Chief Technology Officer
Birendar Choudhary
Rust Developer
Shibashis Sahu
Rust Developer
Even Satoshi Nakomoto, Creator of Bitcoin,
agrees an evenly distributed currency and everyone mining as equals is better
than one monopolized by high tech equipment like GPUs (or by extension ASICs are even worse):

"We should have a gentleman's agreement to postpone the GPU arms race as long as we can for the good of the network. It's much easer to get new users up to speed if they don't have to worry about GPU drivers and compatibility. It's nice how anyone with just a CPU can compete fairly equally right now."

-Satoshi Nakomoto

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