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Frinks are a fully functioning currency, and like any currency, collectors item, or store of value, they may increase or decrease in value. We all hope Frinks increase in value, but make no promises of future profit.

About Frinks

Frink began with the dream of creating the perfect digital currency. One that is as user and economically friendly as possible.

About Frink, Inc.

Frink Inc, founded by Matt Czarnek and Iban Eguia is a software and cybersecurity company that believes in developing a platform, where businesses and individuals can safely trade in a free market.

The founders of Frink are expert programmers with business experience that connected through their shared passion of digital currency. It wasn’t long before they formed very strong bonds with one another through their unique drive for self-improvement and shared dream to change the world. Their inspiring enthusiasm propels them forward, and their humility makes their company grow with strength and purpose. They share a passion for technology and innovation that they believe is absolutely necessary for positive change to occur, and to foster creativity. They are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, so they can.

Team Frink, Inc.

Matthew Czarnek
Has studied the digital currency market for years, wanting to build the perfect currency. With help from an incredible team … here is our attempt!
Iban Eguia
IT engineer and space Geek. Official translator at CodeIgniter, core developer at OpenStratos and always ready to learn and develop incredible things.
John Park
Birendar Choudhary